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22 month old Baby crowdfunds for 400k treatment for rare conditions-

Joshua Naicker (22 months old) from Midrand, Johannesburg, was born at only 33 weeks old with challenging circumstances.  The circumference of his head measured 45 cm, a length greater than …

Life Experiences

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The Firstborn

My Inner Monster 

20 years in prison for a life changing mistake

I lost my mother to alcoholism


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An Abuse For My Whole Life 

i am now currently fourteen years old, and i have lived the hardest life even for some people three times my age. i am saved by the grace of god. …

Short Stories

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Changing Dad, part one

by Herb Mims While many families worshiped on Sunday morning, our family battled. My father’s drinking dominated our weekends. Vividly, I recall one Sunday morning. My youngest sister, 4 or …

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