(c) Tafadzwa Bandera.
Living in the street, has allowed me to see “reali- tea”
Everyday l see men wearing jackets & ties running away from their “responsibili-teas”
People who live in houses, put them in power for “govern-ment”
Yet , they can’t restrict them from self “pleasure-ment’
Because the word ” responsibility ” no longer exist in their vocabulary and the actions of those who live in houses
“Rare-ping” is now part of our culture.
Hatred is the new “kind-nurse”
So called “profits” of God are abusing women willy-nilly in the name of Emmanuel
Mankind now “man-cruel”
 Everyone is a “danger-to-see”
Pastors and “Bee-shops”  are “more-lesting” children to please their “unholesting” selves.
Did you hear the pop……
Do you think he is popping champaign with them?
At their conferences, l here them having a “con-versation”
Where are real men and women, boys & girls who stand for the truth and who can have a “true-versation”
Are you not tired of these conman??
It is time to be “response-able”
or brace ourselves for the  “inevi-table”

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