Coligny town undergoes makeover

Coligny, a town in the North West is undergoing a make-over largely driven by the Collaboration between the Coligny Peace Forum, lead by Reverend Tewie Pieters and the South Africa Day organisation Founded by Dr Bheki Shongwe.

Together these organisations joined forces to attract investment into Coligny to restore the town to its former glory through Cleaning, Planting, Painting, and Restoration. The project began last year and has made tremendous progress in re-painting old buildings making them look vibrant again, planting fresh plants in the Islands on the road as well as repainting the curbs, maintaining cleanliness of streets and much more.

This progress has seen the collaboration between these organisations attract new investors such as Nxt-Lvl SA, Impact Investment Africa, Green World and North West University’s Town Planning and Arts Faculties to name a few, into the Coligny project. With an investment of up to R400 000 000 these organisations are also aiming to create 500 jobs in the Coligny community through this initiative.

The idea is that businesses can generate profits through the investment and development of the communities they operate in. “Everyone can make a contribution” said Chris Hart from Impact Investment Africa, “Other towns will be inspired to do the same”. This was evident in the assistance provided by the North West University’s Town Planning and Arts Faculties through the time they took from their studies to help with painting of old worn down buildings.

This initiative has also seen the Coligny project identify Agriculture as the driving force of its economy. “Agriculture is the driving force of Coligny, we need to focus on that.” Says Marius Joubert founder of Nxt-Lvl South Africa. Investing in agricultural development and improving the conditions for farmers to do business, will boost the town’s economy which will lead to more job creation for the people of Coligny, creating shared value between business and community.

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